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Religious Services


Following the former tradition in Tibet, Gongkar Choede continues to render religious service to the laity, both to the local communities at Lakhanwala and Vikasnagar and to the devotees and supporters in other parts of the world. Anyone who is need of spiritual assistance can request prayers, ceremonies and particular rituals to be performed by the Gongkar Choede monks.

By asking for a religious service a karmic connection comes into being between the person requesting spiritual support and the monks executing the particular practices. The ordained monks, having received a wide training in spiritual matters, will conduct appropriate prayers and rituals for the person seeking help or advice. In this way the monastic community takes care of the spiritual needs of the lay people.


When for instance one faces difficulties in life, the ordained community can serve as a spiritual guide and it also in its turn benefits from having its services utilized. Up until the 1950s these were vital means of income for the religious institutions in traditional Tibet – a custom by which the continuation of the monastic life were guaranteed.


Apart from that, regarding Buddhist spirituality, the one who requests such services engages in the virtuous practice of giving (jinpa) when making a donation with genuine gratitude and the aspiration to benefit all beings. As Nagarjuna has emphasized the value of generosity explaining that it’s the positive karmic imprint is taken along into the next existence:


Having realized that possessions are unsteady and essence-less;
Give in a proper manner to monks, Brahmins, the poor and to your friends;
For the hereafter there is no greater friend than generosity.
(Letter to a friend, verse 6)


The monks of Gongkar Choede engage in a range of practice activities. You are invited to get involved those activities in whichever way it serves your or your community’s spiritual needs. You can request supportive services on behalf of yourself, your friends or relatives. The names of the beneficiary and donor will be read out during the rituals procedure. Besides that, you can take part in the spiritual growth of the Sangha by funding annual practice sessions or religious festivities. This will help to further nourish the unique practices of the Dzongpa tradition and, at the same time, designates you as an admirable patron (jindag) of the Buddha’s teaching.


Our ritual practices have different foci. Some serve as powerful methods to remove obstacles, to heal illnesses and to bring prosperity, whereas others are undertaken to strengthen ones practice and to accumulate merit. Ritual service for specific purposes including spiritual support for the dying or for the deceased, can be requested by contacting Gongkar Choede directly. The rituals will be carried out appropriately according to the Tibetan astrology or on an appointed date, if so desired. In addition to the actual implementation done by the monks at the monastery you are encouraged to generate bodhichitta (semkye: a mind wishing all beings to profit from this religious engagement) and to undertake minor practices related to the requested services (according to your ability).


To request any service please let us know the name of person receiving prayers or supportive rituals together with a brief account of why the service is needed. Please contact us for advice and to inquire in detail about our services. With your donation you directly support the monastery – donations pay for the monks’ livelihood, for their education and their health care.