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Your sponsorship can help us to sustain the community of monks and guarantee the fortunate conditions that are required for a life dedicated to spirituality. In the Tibetan Diaspora it is mainly in the monastic institutions where beliefs, customs and textual knowledge are passed on and where a large part of the social and cultural life takes place. Gongkar Choede monastery offers religious seekers from Tibet and the Himalaya regions a traditional way of monastic life along with modern forms of education. The practical functioning of such a religious framework with all its socio-cultural impact is hereby strongly dependant on provisions supplied by the laity.


Nurturing Monks

Re-located in a foreign environment, Gongkar Choede has very limited sources of income. The monastery is situated in a remote rural area with only a small Tibetan community, who request spiritual services and make offerings to the monastery. The general expenses regarding food etc. are covered by donations from the nearby settlements of farmers―mainly in the form of crops such as rice, wheat etc. However, their support is irregular and insufficient to fulfil the required means for feeding the community. Through your sponsorship the monastery will be able to provide the monks proper nutritional meals, thereby guarantee the continuation of cloister life and monastic training.


Medical Aids

The majority of the monks have come to the monastery from afar, either from Tibet or the distant regions in the Himalaya. They live a religious life away from their families. Lacking the support of their family and relatives, the monastery has taken the responsibility of each monk’s health, ranging from the treatment of small wounds to expensive hospital visits and major surgeries. With your donations we are able to provide the necessary medical care to the Sangha.